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testing architecture transforming imagination bring innovation and evoke emotions in every physical and virtual space
we prioritize the intertwine of narrative and technology as the bases of our methodology. We aim to enhance human connections and elicit emotions with our design. We believe that every spatial narration should be a unique, aesthetically tailored experience. 
Emergent Technological Exploration Soundscape   Though the critical intersection of computational design, advanced fabrication, and careful articulation of details, we could orchestrate an high quality of design solution for a better future.
Integrate Immersive  Physical & Virtual Experience A Extended-Reality Performance  Virtual reality will soon become an integral part of our lives. Rather than neglecting its impact on physical experiences, these challenges require new ideas and different narratives in order to embrace and forge a new form of immersion and integration.
Future Living Happy Valley Residence  We continue to investigate new synergies of new material and spatial configurations through exploring experiential, social and cultural potentials.
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